Digital Disruption at CMTO13

By Amy Davies, Co-Founder

I was delighted to be the Executive Producer behind the recent conference Crossmedia Toronto and joined by over 250 attendees from marketing and tech to TV and mobile.

Throughout the day we hosted 26 rapid-fire case studies from the industries most innovative companies and yes ‘Innovative’ is often an over used term and loosely classified, so for the sake of argument lets just say that my definition of an innovator is a company exploiting digital tools and platforms to create a product offering that is disturbing the status quo.

Every industry is being digitally disrupted, including marketing, which is why it’s important to always look beyond your own silo and to take note of the next company about to bite you in the rear before you even realize it!

So, here’s a quick run down of just some of the innovators who presented at this year’s Crossmedia:

bitcoinBitcoins: What Are They?
When Peter Vessenes, Chairman & Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation took to the stage it was to the resonating sound of ‘ting’ ‘ting’ ‘ting’. I wondered to myself why he was smiling so broadly, only to discover that the continuous noise was the sound of Bitcoins (BTC) being transferred in real time, online and across the world – no wonder he was smiling. Bitcoin is arguable the most successful attempt to create an open economy, with no governments, no central banks, and no rules. Sound too good to believe? Then take the time to check out Bitcoins because it’s a real currency and yes people are using them. As of right now, in the last 24 hrs. alone 1,828,613.12 BTC were sent and an avg. 75,089.20 BTC were sent per hour. see Bitcoin Market


Vodo:  Learning to Love Free
Don’t believe people will pay for content? Think peer to peer is the end of digital rights? Then take a look at Jamie King, Founder of crowd distribution platform VODO and director and producer of STEAL THIS FILM, the most pirated documentary of all time. Vodo can help promote your content through P2P networks and Jamie is ahead of the curb, understanding that in the digital world no one can own a digital file, but people will pay for what they value and if they’re incentivized. Or in Jamie’s words, “The problem isn’t distribution, it’s attention”.

redditReddit: What Does Barack Obama Know That You Don’t?
In a nutshell, Reddit consists of links, thumbnail images, and a collection of users that believe firmly in free speech. General Manager of Reddit, Erik Martin talked to the website’s on-going growth and why it’s no surprise their profile is going mainstream with the likes of Barack Obama (Reddit’s top post of 2012 with 5,598,171 page views) and William Shatner taking to the site.

It’s also worth noting that providing you understand the nature of Reddit and its audience then it can be a great resource for marketers. Subreddits can focus on pretty much anything and any topic and provide ways for you to engage directly with your communities. Just be prepared for any type of discourse, this is not a community who’s afraid to speak its mind.

Check out Erik Martin and George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC:

Other pertinent tips from the day included a great presentation from Veronica Holmes, President of Digital at ZenithOptimedia on the importance of tapping into earned media. Veronica outlined some key stats from Nielsen to remind us that consumers trust their peers, family and friends 5X MORE than advertising. Take away tips – never underestimate the importance of investing in your audience and service their needs by creating relevant and personalized content that ensures Facebook “Likes” and shares and Twitter RTs continue to happen.

Asif Khan, President of the Location Based Marketing Association also visualized a world where every object, place and thing is geo-addressable and geolocated. Reminding the audience that brands need to keep it simple and think about how to integrate location services into other media. Just 6-8% of budgets are going into mobile, so in order to drive real money into the ecosystem it needs to be attached to the 92% spent on traditional media.

So take note – the landscape is changing: money is decentralized, content belongs to no one, consumers become your biggest marketers and every person place and thing is geo-addressable and geolocated. I just hope you’re ready ……

The conference was produced by Jumpwire Media – Jumpwire Media builds and executes revenue generating strategies leveraging expertise in emerging media.

Stay connected with Crossmedia Toronto. Follow @crossmediato and Like our Facebook page.

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